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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Trust Your Special Moments to a Trusted Brand

When smartphones outpaced digital camera sales many felt it was time to sound the death knell for the point and shoot.  But not so fast, say many experts.  Despite a decrease in market share and sales, a “real” camera will always be in demand.  You’ll never see a professional or serious amateur sports photographer on the sidelines with an iPhone.

 When you look at the special features and the diverse uses of professional cameras, you’ll find that brands like Canon are still at the top of the list.  They are the preferred tools for taking serious family portraits, shooting weddings and other subjects because they assure the highest quality when recording landmark events. And for serious caliber photography there isno match to the Canon cameras on the market today.  Don’t leave important moments to chance, instead take the shots that matter with a professional caliber Canon camera you can buy now with a Groupon that will save you even more.   While the most seasoned pro photographershave come to rely on phones to snag a quick shot, but when they start looking for the perfect pictures for their clients they switch to the high-quality techniques and equipment – lenses, filters, and high-speed flash tools that can capture those desired special moments.  Aunt Joanie and Cousin Sal might get the shot, or they might not.  A professional is going to know exactly how to handle a photoshoot and deliver the goods.

That’s why it makes sense to use Groupon to purchase quality photo equipment and cameras from Canon, a leader in the production of photography equipment for decades.  Canon offers Groupons for $550 off a digital SLR camera, $700 off other selected cameras and up to 60% off refurbished printers.  You can find these and many other deals for Canon products on the easy to use Groupon site.  Lenses and camera bodies start as low as $69.99 to help you begin building the professional equipment collection that will keep you booked for years.

Smart phones may have clobbered the casual camera user market, but don’t count the professionals andserious amateursoutof the picture.  When you compare the quality of an enlarged print, there is simply no match for the degree of sharpness and accuracy one can get with a high-quality camera.

Don’t count on those cheap throwaway cameras to make a serious record of events like your wedding reception.   Only trust occasions like this to someone whoknows how to use a professional camera from a manufacturer like Canon to catch the candid shots you want and to record your most memorable and historic moments.